Competitors in the Games must affiliate themselves with a Realm.  They may do so when they register for the Games, when they check in at Logistics, or at the event on Saturday.  If they are undecided, or have no preference, they are automatically affiliated with the Realm of the Silver Kingdom. 

A Realm can be registered with the Games by the directors of a Participant LARP, or by any group of players registering 5 or more attendees. 

For all inquiries, feel free to contact us at register@thebloodgames.com. 

Participant LARPs

We invite all LARPs to register with the Games as a Participant LARP.  You will be able to set up a Hospitality Tent in which to showcase your Realm, although we require that this be kept in game at all times.  You will also be able to have your flags, logos, or banners flown and displayed.  If you have special props you’d like to set up, or something you’d like to showcase, contact us to discuss whether we can incorporate it into the Games.

Participant LARPs will be able to register Realms with the Games.  Participant LARPs will receive one free event registration to use at their discretion for every 10 competitors that pre-register for the Realm(s) of the Participant LARP.  Participant LARPs are encouraged to reward the Games attendees competing for their Realm(s) with a small recognition appropriate to their LARP upon their return home from the Games.

Please contact us at register@thebloodgames.com to set up your registration.

Participant LARP



The Kingdom of CRO


The Free Zone

Knight Blades

The Kingdom of Baronia


End of Seasons: Venerations

Mythical Journeys

The World of Pendaan


The Kingdom of Arden

Realm of Requiem

The Lands of Aeious

Steam & Cinders


The Fable

The Unbound

The Realms

The Realms

Ye Olde Commons

The Silver Kingdom

Event Plot

The event plot will focus on a story that takes fantasy back to its roots - the fairy tale.  For the normal Faire-goer, this will present recognizable elements of well-known fantasy lore, while for the LARPer the underlying story will present a mystery and challenge that will run in parallel to the Woldhaven Invitational tournaments. 

We are offering each participant LARP the opportunity to gain a hook into the plot by bringing in one player character who is a special fairy tale character from their Realm. This special character will be of a magical blood line connected to the King of the Silver Kingdom, and can be built with 75 CP, which will make him a strong asset in any competition. The Realm's fairy tale should include some common fairy tale elements that can be commonly understood across all cultures, but can otherwise be completely fictional and representative of the participant Realm.  We ask that you let us know what special character you wish to bring in, so that we can set up your Realm's hook into the event plot.


You have the option of staying overnight during the Games, camping out in any of the designated tenting areas of the Faire. For this event, there are no cabins or bunks available, except for NPCs.  So bring a tent to slumber in and keep your belongings, some have went as far as bringing along an outdoor umbrella to enhance their means of shade and coverage..

The weekend event fee is based on the entrance fee for the Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival: $12 for one day, $20 for a weekend, or $35 for both weekends for day-time admission.  Additionally, if you are participating in the evening LARP activities, or staying overnight, there is a $15 charge, for which you receive a $10 vendor gift certifcate and can participate in the event both weekend evenings.  Thus, with the $10 vendor cash which you can use for stuff or food, this means that the single weekend LARP event fee is effectively $25, and for two weekends it's $40.

Register for the event here!

Non-Combatant Participants

We welcome non-combatant participants.  If you wish to attend the event as a permanent non-combatant, you may declare this at check-in.  You may not wield a weapon.  You will be given a distinctive wristband to wear, identifying your status.  You will be able to participate in the event by roleplaying, and you may participate in any contests that occur within the confines of a Safe Ward.  Unless evil prevails, these will likely include the King's Parade, Duels of Apparel, the Flying Obelisk tournament, Nimble Tug of War, Juggling, Pickle Spitting, the Bardic Contest, and the Tonk tournament.  Additionally, as a permanent non-combatant, as long as you are within the confines of a Safe Ward, you are allowed to use any in-game Healing spells, Remedy spells, and Crafting skills your character has.


Any player may decide to retire from the activities, perhaps temporarily or for the night. You may move around the camp site, indicating your out-of-game status by placing a hand on top of your head. This should primarily be used to move between sleeping area and bathroom or shower, and preferably without carrying any weapon or spell packets. In your sleeping area you may always choose to be out-of-game while resting, and may state so if there is an intrusion. A Safe Ward on the outside will protect you completely from being disturbed.

Underage Participants

You must be at least 14 years old to attend the Games. If you are under 18, you must have a signed waiver form from your legal guardian available at check-in. Furthermore, if you are under 16 years old, you may only participate as a non-combatant.

Download the Parental Waiver Form

NPC participation

Although most of the action during the Games will involve player character interaction and competition with each other, no LARP would be complete without the monsters and beasts that plague the player characters, cause general havoc, and carry around treasure for characters to loot.  Hence, we have space for NPCs, although it is limited.  NPCs attend the Games for free.

If you are interested in being an NPC for the Games, contact us at register@thebloodgames.com. 


Ye Olde Commons will offer food service during the Games in the form of Renaissance Faire food in the tavern, during the hours from 10am through 6pm.  Other food vendors may be on site, and there are numerous area restaurants nearby.

Players are of course welcome to also bring their own food, inclduing their own grills for outdoor cooking. 


The Games will not serve or allow any alcoholic beverages on site.

Vendors and Entertainers

The Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival will have many vendors that set up tents in the market section on site, and entertainers perfoming on site.  The area will be fully in game, and vendors and entertainers are encouraged to participate in the Games as appropriate.  The vending area and entertainment stages are, however, a non-combat zone that will be strictly enforced by the Arm of Justice!

If you are interested in being a vendor at the Games, contact us at merchants@silverkingdomfestival.com. 

Pets and Weapons

Pets are not allowed at the Games without the express permission of Games officials.

Real weapons, or objects that could be considered weapons, must be peace-tied at the Games at all times, except with the express permission of Games officials.  This includes, but is not limited to, authentic or replica swords, hunting knives, guns, martial arts weapons such as nun-chucks and similar items.  Small knives may be brought on site for utilitarian use while camping, but they must remain at the camp site and should not be carried around.

The Blood Games 2011 - the Woldhaven Invitational