The rules of the Games are designed to allow for fast and furious interaction, while keeping a level of simplicity necessary for an annual event where LARPers from many games will be participating.  Combat is based on established boffer fighting conventions with which most players should be quite familiar.  Please use common sense and common courtesy in the application of all rules for the Blood Games.  At all times, remember that the purpose of being at the event is to have fun!

As you might expect, the primary rule is Safety First!  We expect all participants to be on their best behavior in terms of safety in battle.  If you see someone in a potentially dangerous situation, use the call “Caution” to warn the other player, and give them a chance to disengage.

Physical contact between players, other than by weapon as defined in the combat rules, is allowed by consent only.  Do not charge into players, do not pin their weapons, do not grab their clothing, and so on.  If you see someone breaking this No-Contact Rule, politely inform them.  If a problem persists, seek out a Blood Games official.

Download the Rules Overview

Combat Civility

Remember that all players are used to different games with different rule systems and different styles of combat. Please be considerate, acknowledge hits or misses, and give civil feedback to inquiries about whether a hit or spell was taken or not. Even if you feel a player is cheating, accept the outcome and then bring it to the attention of Games officials, rather than escalating into an argument.

Respect the spirit of the Games, which encourages challenges and combat, but allows visitors to decline battle when they have decided to retire from the activities. Use the indication of placing a hand on top of your head to indicate that you are currently not participating in the game. This symbol may be used to move between sleeping cabin and bathroom or shower, or for similar personal activity. Note that if you wish your sleep to be uninterrupted, a Safe Ward is useful on your cabin door, but you may regardless always decline combat when you are resting in your cabin.


The details of the rules can be read in the appropriate Rules Details section.  However, this Overview is all you need to know to play.

  • Your character has a number of Body Points (BP), generally ranging from 3 to 10.
  • If you are struck with any type of weapon, you take 1 point of damage.
  • Head, groin, and hands are not legal targets, and you take no damage from weapon hits there.
  • If a weapon strike is blocked or parried by weapon or shield, it does no damage, even if it then slides or rebounds onto a legal target.
  • No matter how many times the same weapon strikes you within one second, you only take 1 point of damage from it per second.
  • When you reach 0 BP, you fall unconscious until healed or 5 minutes have passed, after which time you regain consciousness with 1 BP..
  • You regain 1 BP per 5 full minutes of uninterrupted relaxation.
  • A yellow triangle designates a Safe Ward, within which no combat may take place, nor may any magic items be taken.
  • Special Weapon Attacks are called out with the hit, and replace the 1 point of damage an attack usually does.
  • Spells require an incantation and then a thrown packet.  The spell takes effect if the packet strikes a target, including carried equipment.  The spell effect is called out at the end of the spell incantation.
  • Special Weapon Attacks and Spells may be used once per battle for each time you possess that skill.  Uninterrupted relaxation for 5 minutes restores your ability to use that Special Weapon Attack or Spell again.
  • A Special Weapon Attacks or Spell is used up whether it hits or misses, is blocked, strikes an illegal target, or is resisted.   However, a defender must confirm to the attacker what happened with appropriate roleplaying of the effect, or simple acknowledgement, such as "got it", "blocked", "neck".
  • Special Effects:
    • Damage – must strike a legal target.  Called out as “X damage”
    • Disarm – must strike a weapon.  Immediately drop the weapon struck
    • Healing – restores BP.  Called out as “X Healing”
    • Maim – must strike a limb.  Limb cannot be used until 5 minutes of rest
    • Remedy Maim – removes Maim effect immediately
    • Remedy Repel – removes Repel effect immediately
    • Remedy Root – removes Root effect immediately
    • Remedy Shatter – repairs Shattered object immediately
    • Remedy Stun – removes Stun effect immediately
    • Repel – cannot approach caster within 10’ until 5 minutes of rest
    • Resistance – can call out “Resist” to avoid one special effect
    • Root – cannot move feet until 5 minutes of rest
    • Shatter – must strike a weapon or shield.  5 minutes of rest to repair
    • Stun – must strike the torso.  Fall prone, can take no actions for 5 minutes

Once you are in game, you will find the rules easy to follow.  If you ever have a question, simply ask any other player for “Clarification”.  Actually creating a character with appropriate skills may be the hardest task for a new player, but you will be able to get plenty of assistance and suggestions from us (e-mail register@thebloodgames.com), or at check-in.  We encourage you to focus on the fun-filled adventure, with great stress relief and exciting times to be had.

The Blood Games 2011 - the Woldhaven Invitational