“Come one, come all!  The SIlver Kingdom extends its hospitality to all who would join us for the Woldhaven Invitational tournaments and games.” - Prince Domnivok of the Silver Kingdom

The Woldhaven Invitational - the 4th annual Blood Games

The Blood Games are an annual spectacular of contests and celebrations which have traditionally been hosted in the fabled city-state of Waxaclajuun.  Arising from the Tixaquan Empire's battle-scarred past of ritual warfare between its sister city-states, the Blood Games provided a more civilized venue for challenges to be issued and scores to be settled.  This year, in a bid to bring the Games into the modern age of civilized feudal society, the Silver Kingdom has stepped in to host the event, under the banner title of Woldhaven Invitational.

The contests range from various combat tournaments and duels, to non-violent games of mental acuity and skill.  All games are held for the honor and glory of all the Realms of the land.  Homage is paid to the powers of Battle and Joy, venerated as Bellinger and Brashtamere in the land.  The winners of the various contests will carry home not just happy memories of opponents defeated, but more importantly, vast bragging rights, as well as the Victors’ Necklaces that carry with them the respect that can garner a favor in many a Realm.

The Silver Kingdom

“By Solaron and Mirenae, bless this land and our Queen in the name of Light, Justice, and Purity. Praise be to the Maker.” - High Priestess Dawning Sun of the Maker

In the time following the fall of the Tixaquan Empire the survivors scattered to the north and west and survived in small tribal communities that frequently warred with one another. Four hundred years ago T’lan Connet Wold built the fortifications of Wold Castle. Clan Wold, together with other large tribes of the wood elves and humans, stood for the first time as a together against the might of Waxaclajuun. United under the banner of the Unity Pact, the tribes proclaimed their first true King, who embraced all the tribes under his rule and named his new lands the Silver Kingdom. Since that time the Wold bloodline has ruled the surrounding lands.

The Arm of Justice

The Arm of Justice is a group of warriors who maintain law and order in the name of Solaron and the laws of the Silver Kingdom.  They are sworn to loyalty to the King, civility to all in need, and unwavering strength in the face of darkness.  Visitors to the land should do well to seek out these knights if there is any trouble.

Laws of the Silver Kingdom

Although the Games involve fierce competition, the SIlver Kingdom expects all visitors to battle with honor within the framework of the competitions. In addition to the regular scheduled tournaments, duels and formal challenges are encouraged, and special arenas provided for this purpose. Competitors should seek out the Arm of Justice to schedule a duel or challenge, so that they may be rewarded for their valor.

In the wilds of the woods, the laws of survival are paramount. It is considered a mark of daring to venture into the wilds, inviting other visitors of like mind to set an ambush or be ambushed.

Only competitors marked with the yellow wristband provided by the Games officials are allowed to be combatants!  Assault of non-combatant visitors, or of any competitor who has retired from the activities and is moving around solely on out-of-game personal business, as indicated by the signal of a hand placed on top of the head, is forbidden. Assault of a Games official is punishable by confiscation of a number of victory points from the attacker and his Realm. Thievery is punishable by banishment from the Games.

The Blood Games 2011 - the Woldhaven Invitational